Make a booze flask hidden in a baby


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Just to clarify, brandy is a really bad way to rehydrate, although it has other good qualities.


And yes had seen this one before… though this one appears to be home made rather than a kikstarter project.


I can also imagine the gasps of horror at the inevitable stumble and fall.


This reminds me of the time an online friend posted pictures of him modding a similar doll. He put a shake weight inside the baby, you know… for working out.


Oh Oh Spaghettios! Somebody stepped over the line…


Cool idea. Needs improvements.

Needs a more realistic doll. Maybe a little animatronic.

Also would benefit from two bottles inside, one for booze and one for water.


The “hidden in a baby” concept was horrifying enough before the head-drilling gif.


The gif is excellent and horrible. Excorrible? Horrilent?



The Today show hosts dressed in terrible, scary Peanuts costumes

Why horrifying? I’d call it quite obvious. And pragmatic.



I have to ask for explanation here. The expression is not obvious enough for me to correctly read, nor do I already know the meaning of this particular gif file.


Brandy? If you’re going to go to all that trouble drilling into a baby head, you should go for Tequila. As in, “tequila sperm so we don’t have any more babies.”


Oh, it’s ambiguous on purpose. Perfect Kuleshov effect fodder, with interpretation wholly up to the observer and context.

I’d tag it “I don’t even / words fail me / giving up / backing away”.

The dead, dissected joke was something like this: If you really are unable to even fathom why someone might find the concept of carving up babies somewhat creepy/morbid/serial killerish then this conversation has become real awkward and better drop it instead of trying to explain and making it worse.

R.I.P. joke. You tried.


Real baby, real baby carrier, concealed liquid pouches.

'Nuff said.


Or leaving it in your car, in plain sight, while shopping.


No way Im sucking scotch out of a baby head. Not unless it’s Halloween and I’m playing zombie.


A good scotch deserves a nice tumbler. Bad scotch is good for cleaning things.

Bloody mary is what you want for this application.


Yes, Bloody Mary. With a longer, more transparent straw.