Gentleman, possibly inebriated, loses his carbonated beverage

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I hate when that happens.


Possibly inebriated indeed. It takes no little skill to drop a bottle so that it lands perfectly flat on its base as this gentleman has done. Perhaps another examination of this sequence is in order.




I needed this today.

Party foul!

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My guess is that it is cavitation at work.


maybe he’s just acutely farsighted.

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I made some very alcoholic ginger beer once that had a one in three chance of that experience every time you opened a bottle. Fun times.


carbonated beverage, For The Win !

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To be fair, this chap isn’t responsible for the state of the overflowing trash can or drywall damage…

I’m in the mood for some concern trolling!
I’ll come back and edit post when I can think of some heart wrenching reason as to why we shouldn’t laugh at him.


How about this–his jerky movements suggest the spasms of some neurological disorders more than they do inebriation, and even such a mundane an act as setting down a carbonated beverage becomes a challenge.

But even then, it’s some pretty good slapstick, so I hope he found it funny so we can laugh with him instead of at him.

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You monster.

Amazing. Is there a word (preferably a long German word) for an incredible feat of drunkenness that could never be performed on purpose while sober?


Jawohl – Lowenbrauhosermafazen !


I love the perfect bottle flip -that kind of stuff happens to me all the time… Like when I was having a bowl of corn flakes a while back

  • and start pouring the milk in - the milk hits one cornflake and suddenly the whole stream of milk is perfectly deflected sideways off the bowl, onto the floor. I mean what are the chances of that happening?

Somebody must be using the improbability machine.

Also reminds me of an incident that happened to my parents when they were traveling around in Europe in a rented car, stopped to visit some site and came back only to find the car parked on the other side of the road, facing the other way. They figured it must have rolled down the slight incline and did a turn to the other side. Which was incredibly lucky, though it was not a very busy road but still there was traffic. Or someone just playing tricks on them.

Or another time when walking over to see a movie with a friend, a dog was barking at us in a parked car, paws on the wheel. On the way back from the movie the car was on the other side of the road and had obviously rolled into a parked car. The two owners were standing there talking and we overhead one of them saying, “I don’t know the dog must have put it in gear or something”.
(act of dog).


Okay, how about considering how much alcohol-induced brain damage this guy’s carrying around?

When we point and laugh at this guy, perhaps we’re at risk of forgetting the scumbags who get fat off keeping booze the only option for inebriation… maybe you could see it as akin to pointing and laughing at some (difficult to imagine) slapstick consequence of some other poor shmuck’s destitution at the hands of one-armed bandits in a one-horse town with nothing else to do.

And he might have kids.

There, don’t mention it ; )

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