Watch crowdwalking singer catch beer and drink it

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[A]t Saturday’s Pinkpop Festival in Holland

Not Holland, but Limburg.

That’s like calling the Scots ‘English’.

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The catching is impressive. The drinking…well, hell, I could do that.


See kids? This is why beer is bad.

What. Stop laughing!

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He’s lucky it really was beer.


Maybe the toss originated from this guy?


So was that beer thrown by a jerk in the crowd? Or was the mystery thrower actually intending to give him a drink? Not enough context to tell.

Either way, impressive.

It’s tempting to say that because it’s so perfect it has to be intentional, but in a thousand years, no two people could ever do that on purpose, especially with one of them relying on strangers to stay vertical. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be some viral CGI garbage, because it’s completely awesome. I’ve seen enough weird crap at concerts to believe the video is real, so I’m on team “I Want To Believe”.

(A thousand years might be too long. Penn & Teller could probably throw a cup of liquid from Penn to Teller and have it work, and it would probably only take 5 or 6 years of practice every day)


The catch isn’t impressive. It’s the throw that’s impressive.


Yeah I was trying to figure out how this would work, if indeed it is real, and it would seem to me it’d have to be an underhanded throw, probably grabbing the rim of the cup between thumb and forefinger, then swinging it in a wide underhanded arc to create the centrifugal force needed to keep the liquid in the cup. which then acts as a weight much like a shuttlecock to keep the projectile stable in flight, and then once it has passed the apex, the liquid steers the cup back in to an upright position.

Probably not intended to actually give the singer a drink so much as to make sure there would be a big splash at the end. That said, now that people see that it can be used to deliver beverages I’m sure there will be a lot more attempts, with a very high level of failure of course.


John Coffey ( named after the Green Mile character) is one of the better Dutch live acts of the moment.

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