Watch beer can smash into World Series trophy during Red Sox parade


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Why we can’t have nice things.


Wicked toss, Sully!


Supposedly Pedroia asked the guy throwing beers for one, caught it, then threw it on the ground scolding “it’s warm!”


Flimsier than I thought it was.


Flag poles are long, full can of beer is heavy, laws of physics. :tired_face:


Gotta get them a GRONK!


From what I understand, this isn’t surprising behavior in Boston.


That’s the world series trophy?? Having only the Stanley Cup to compare it to, I’m not impressed.


The repeated slo-mo gives this an oddly Zapruder-film-like treatment. Was there more than one thrower on the grassy knoll? Does analysis support the single-can theory? What acoustic evidence exists?


Yeah. I mean if you make your trophy look like a trash can someone’s going to take a shot


Strong agree. You can’t even chug champagne out of it!


Pretty much sums up sports fans. I’ll admit if this was soccer, someone would probably have thrown a grenade or something equally damaging to show their “outrage”.

(Over 2000 people killed in one soccer riot)


:joy: The whole team are trained to catch things. That’s their job. I want the manager to have them review this tape over and over and then do drills to make sure it never happens again.


It looks better than the beer tray that Carlisle United won 20 years ago


They should had used pitcher gloves!


Probably a Yankee fan


Sorry? Are they seriously claiming that the 1971 Ibrox disaster (caused by someone falling in one of the exits, causing a crush) and the Hillsborough disaster (caused by the gross incompetence of South Yorkshire Police) were caused by hooliganism?

And as for those 2000 people killed in a “riot”, I don’t consider declarations of war normal hooligan behaviour. They also don’t normally have access to fighter and bomber aircraft either.

In short, yes there is still a violence problem in football (it was my job to stop it 15 years ago, but I never had a problem worse than verbal racism), but you don’t need lies to prove that.


I dunno. . .


I would have never expected an empty beer can to be so damaging. I don’t really consider them heavy.