Fan arrested for incidentally spraying child with beer at Canadian sporting event


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“Incidentally” spraying with beer? How about “arrested for throwing beer cans, one of which happened to spill on a baby?”


The baby is just clickbait, the real story is the 6-3 win.


The real story is the most Canadian street party that would clear when the lights changed. LOL



i wonder what the charge will be?

serving alcohol to an underage minor?


Canada. So, “assault with bodily fluids”


The official charge was “Mischief”


Wow, reality outstrips parody!


Who gives a rat’s ass about a little beer getting on a baby? Why are you bringing babies to MLB games? As if these events aren’t well known to get rowdy. You’ll hear NEW curse words at most ball games.


While I agree that people should try to avoid bringing babies this young to baseball games, please don’t blame the victim. The ones throwing the bottles are the assholes, not the parents who brought the baby.


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