"Let me try to catch this foul ball with my nachos and beer tray"


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I almost looked like she was defending herself. Almost.


The look of frustration/what the heck happened after she deflects the ball with the tray is wonderful.


Looks like her neighbors took more of the “damage” than she did.


Collateral damage. Probably only had to endure another couple of hours of processed cheese and watery beer spray until they could make it to a car wash for a good hosing down.


I love how the woman to her right tries to get as far away as possible well in advance, infinitely more aware of the outcome than the nacho-bearer, followed by a look of utter disgust at the abject stupidity that just rained stadium junk food all over her.


Won’t someone think of the jalapenos?!


Maybe it wasn’t her first beer and nachos of the day.


This made my day a little brighter.


Except she looks a bit sad when she looks back at her tray and there’s no baseball. :disappointed:


On the other end of the foul-ball/food-tray spectrum…


Remind me not to sit next to you at a baseball game.


On the plus side it looks like the ball deflected to land right at her feet, small payment for her suffering I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m okay with that.


There wasn’t time to say “Hold my nachos and beer and watch this!”



(This is America after all, land of a minimum 9 word post)


“And this here is my Paul Goldschmidt foul ball from AT&T Park.”

“Why does it smell like Velveeta and failure?”


On the third axis of long-ball, baby:


She maybe was just sharing her beer and nachos with everyone.


I will never understand people who bring babies to baseball games. This one survived, but the danger is real. I wouldn’t bring a child under 8 to a game, and I love baseball.