Gentleman who "snatched" ball meant for kid at game was actually a good guy

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I’m not a sports ball aficionado, but Go Cubs!


Headline should be changed. This is definitely not a gentleman.
Thank you to all that provided a bigger picture.
Lesson learned: do not jump to conclusions after watching a video snipped.


‘Gentleman’ seems to be an unofficial BoingBoing term for ‘not a gentleman’, so I think we’re all aligned here.


And now I’ve watched the clip and… what an incredible dick! He looks so smug and happy. The woman next to him looks so pleased with her gift of a baseball. The guy next to him who he slaps on the knee is happy because his buddy has a baseball. Bring down the cleansing fire from heaven!!!

Glad the kid got a baseball in the end.


My desire for all such “gentlemen” is that the next foul ball lined off a bat greets them precipitously about the head area.

Maybe that’s too harsh.



”Behind a rolling ball comes a running gentleman. If that butterfingered kid wants his ball back, he can hit up my memorabilia store on eBay at honestAbesBalls0415. Please drive safely.”

-Abraham Lincoln, 16th president, seller of puloined balls, and road safety advocate


This video and the other one are making me a racist against my own race.

I hope these people get banned from every future game.

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Some people love baseball.

Other people just love baseballs.


my parents took me to a baseball game one time. I hated it, I also got hit with the ball and iit bounced off of me and some adult behind got it and the other adults around were going tsk tsk and feeling sorry for me not getting the ball, and I was thinking these fucking idiots, what do I want that damn ball for - I want to not even be here in the first place.


What position were you playing at the time?


Man I have seen many assholes snatch balls from people, kids or other wise. It’s like god damn Mad Max and the rules of a civilized society no longer exist.

ETA - Look like that while my above statement stands for many OTHER examples, in this case the post below shows this guy is actually a good guy.

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Perhaps an update is in order:

The guy apparently had already helped this kid get one ball, and gave this ball to another kid sitting by him.

ETA: I wonder what it’s like to be this poor guy and have an out of context and misleading clip of yourself going around the internet with people all over the world calling you an asshole and wishing bad things upon you, when not only didn’t you do anything wrong, but you were apparently a good guy according to the people actually there. That’s got to be a bummer.


Christ, what an asshole.

At least nobody was vomited upon.

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He’s a Nice Guy.


cranky kid who got taken out to the ballgame by his asshole parents who evidently did not have a clue what their kid actually enjoyed in life.


I used to go to Giants games in Candlestick Park, and there was a big cement open area between the fans and the left field fence. Every time there was a home run, there’d be a dash of kids and drunk adults. I saw so many kids get crushed by dudes, it basically turned into it’s own spectator sport. Ah, humanity.

My hellscape at 12 years old was Opryland.

Opryland was not really built for kids back in the 70s.

ETA: Oops, I didn’t mean to associate the building of Opryland with Dolly’s influence, as @Charles_Insandiego points out I may have been thinking of Dollywood. I think my grandma’s love for Dolly was impressed so hard upon my psyche that I always associate the two.

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Should you need to use the restroom later, and encounter a sign with the the word “Gentlemen” on it, pay no heed. Go right in. There is no door with the word Scoundrel on it.