Adults taking home run balls from the children they're headed for

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It seems the problem with many adults is that they forget that they, too, were children once; but once they’re adults, they act and think they entitled to privilege because they’re taller, but not necessarily more mature than children.


I thought our childhoods were the proof that adults are assholes.


The phrase, “NSFW Australian,” is redundant. You can just say, “Australian.”



What would John Bradshaw say?


An excellent reason to never become an “adult” (i.e. asshole).


I love Ozzyman Reviews. There’s several that never fail to crack me up, here’s one of my favorite:

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I work at an NHL rink. After the game, 3 Stars are announced and the home players skate out for some applause, then hand/throw/launch a stick for a fan (usually a kid).

It is now standard practice for us to keep a camera on the ensuing melee , so we can record (for security purposes) the arsehole adults forcefully taking the items from the kids.

The player will actually point to the kid who is to get the stick… like that matters. The problem of course is the high glass, so once stick is out of player’s hand and sailing over the glass, all bets are off.

Even better is when the players just hurl the stick over with serious force with little regard for who gets impaled.

Good times.


[quote=“Alvin_Goodman, post:9, topic:100267”]Even better is when the players just hurl the stick over with serious force with little regard for who gets impaled.[/quote]Could one not make a case that a child trying to catch a home-run ball is likely to incur injury? (And that some parent will subsequently sue the pants off any bystander who thought otherwise?)

And the last two on the reel show that not all of us are complete selfish dicks.

Seems like it’d be more useful to wave the kid down to a part of the rink where they can be personally given whatever is being given out. Either that or have a representative from the team go up to whichever kid or person was picked, though my preference is for them to go down to the rink or whatever area :slight_smile:

On Sunday I went to a AA minor league baseball game, and witnessed an adult fight, nearly stomp, and finally yank from the hands of a child a T-shirt that had been launched from one of those pneumatic guns by a team mascot. What the Hell is wrong with people?


I’d have to say they do it the way they do, melee and all, because that is exactly what they (the people running the event) want happening.

Makes for lots of excitement and hockey as played these days is an inherently violent sport appealing to violet people. (That glass didn’t get put in to protect fans as much as it was to protect players from the fans as I understand it. All sorts of stuff was hurled on to the ice during the game prior to that measure, often with intent to hit the players.

Can’t say i agree that’s what an event organizer would want, i’ve gone to a few sporting events and i had a blast without the prospect of having to play tug of war with some asshat for some merch.

Well, if they continue to do it this way, and everything I’ve seen indicates it happens regularly, I’d have to assume someone somewhere approves of how it works.

Either that or one must presume the organizers are incredibly stupid. Granted, that’s not out of the question either but I tend to cynicism and suspect that anything that increases public spectacle is just fine with such folk.

Give people something to remember and a good fight in the stands is always such a thing. Liquored up people at sporting events have never been paragons of restraint or sanity.

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