Drunk 18 year old girl rushed to hospital from Canadian PM Stephen Harper's residence


So, there are basically two reasons this could have happened: the “really nothing to see here” reason, and the “collapse-the-government” reason. (Although if Rob Ford has taught us anything, it’s the surprising collapse-resistance of Canadian governments!)

What’s annoying–and I include myself in this because hey, here I am commenting–is that this is probably one of those things where we’re going to pay nearly as much attention if it’s the former vs. if it’s the latter.

Not sure this rises to the level of scandalous headline. After all, the drinking age in Quebec is 18, and 16-17 year-olds can drink with parental supervision.


Parental supervision shouldn’t lead to hospitalization.


Just a comment. At least the PM was more concerned about the health of the young lady rather than any political scandal.

Maybe we should applaud his behavior in being medically responsible before we chastise his behavior for a possible role in her drunkenness in the first place. Who knows, if we constantly praised politicians and celebrities for acting responsible after making a mistake perhaps they would be more likely to act responsibly(since it is nearly impossible to avoid mistakes).


But this was an 18 year old girl, so no supervision needed.

An adult drank too much alcohol and needed a hospital. Which, by the way, is pretty common. I’ve called 112 (our 911) because of a drunk person and he was rushed to a hospital, too. That’s what health services are for. Perhaps he’ll have to pay for the ride, but that’s it.

But back to the case in question: An adult drank too much alcohol. Yes, that happens. Where’s the news?


A swimming pool is just a computer that we do drunken belly flops in.

Or something.

Yes, swimming while drunk is a pretty stupid idea, but it’s not stupider than driving a car. Actually less, as it endangers less people.

That’s the price for a reasonably free society: People are allowed to make stupid decisions.

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This. This is the real story here.

I was ASSuming that the drunk 18-year-old had something to do with the PM. Ooooh, scandal! Then I read the article. This is a parent who, when faced with doing the right thing or protecting his public image, chose to do the right thing.

Could we import some of that down here?


Well yes, but the legal drinking age in Ontario (which is where the PM’s residence is located at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa which is in Ontario) is 19.

Harper is a dick as far as I can tell, but this is still a rather tabloid-y post.


Yeah, I’ll second this. I’d prefer that people do the responsible thing rather than trying to cover up a situation and potentially make it much worse, especially when the person in trouble was drinking legally.

Cory: There are plenty of legitimate reasons to lay into the current government of Canada - we are all aware of your feelings about them - but I don’t think this is one of them.


Ah yes, you’re right. Scandal!

BTW, residents of Quebec and/or Ontario: is it legal for someone that is 18 and whom resides in Ontario to pop over to Quebec and get hammered?

PS: Go Habs!

Yes, yes it is. I grew up in Saskatchewan, and going to Alberta to benefit from the lower drinking age was not unheard of.

Thanks for the correction. But if I read the map correctly, it’s possible to walk to Quebec, where the limit is 18. Under these circumstances I fail to see how parents - much less unrelated adults - are supposed to check adult teenagers for smuggling alcohol.

Still no scandal here.

It’s apparently also a revelation to US pupils and college students visiting Germany, where beer and wine are perfectly legal for 16 year olds and spirits for everyone from 18.

True, most politicians would have just drowned here (and I’m looking at you, Late-Mr. Kennedy)

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You are making the assumption that it was the PM who made the call. As per the article in the Ottawa Citizen, it looks like Harper’s son Ben was having an 18th b-day party with about 20 other guests. They were drinking, ostensibly under the supervision of the RCMP attachment which protects the PM and his family. None of which I have a problem with, but if she was an invited guest why was she allowed to get so roaring drunk? I agree that it’s a private matter and no scandal, but it doesn’t mean he’s a noble guy.

As little as I like Harper and his policies, until I hear otherwise this seems like a situation where someone made a very responsible decision in a set of common circumstances. I would want my 18 year old children to know that if they even suspect a friend needs medical help while drinking, they should call an ambulance and not worry about getting in trouble for underage drinking.