Racist who attacked children at hockey game will not face jail time

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How is pouring a solvent on a child not assault?

“Your honor, while I was asking the children to return to their reservation, I slipped and spilled my beer on them.” ??

This whole thing is horseshit. If someone attacked a group of Mill Valley, CA students at a sporting event I am pretty sure it’d go down a lot differently.


Wondering if the judge is elected, because somebody is not thinking about the children.



What if he can’t pay the fine and ends up jailed for contempt? Heads around here will explode… he’s an oppressor! No, wait, he’s the oppressed!

How much of a fine do you think would be issued if someone “accidentally” spilled a can of whoop-ass on this guy?

He’s neither, he’s just an ass.


Can they open a civil case against him? Does the fine indicate “guilty”?

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I don’t think children are soluble, except maybe in DMSO.

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How is this not Hatecrime?

“by force or by threat of force, injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone who is engaged in six specified protected activities, by reason of their race, color, religion, or national origin.”


Yeah, that’s a felony, innit?

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Pretty sure almost any really strong base or acid would work quite nicely.

Looks like it, as one of the ‘protected activities’ is ‘patronizing a public place/facility’ and the language states:

“The modern era of hate-crime legislation began in 1968 with the passage of federal statute, 18 U.S. 245”


“The Civil Rights Act of 1968 also enacted 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2), which permits federal prosecution”

So how the fuck do the police get to decide it’s ‘disorderly conduct’ and a judge that ‘boys will be boys’?

“I won’t consider jail time.”



Can’t we reserve calls for jail time (and the associate public expenses) for cases where actual injuries happened? Where did proportionality go? When did calls for jail for weed were changed to calls for jail for insults?

Beware of rhetorics. Even the purest water counts as a solvent. Called this way, it sounds quite like being doused in gasoline, a match strike away from conflagration.

Bases are somewhat better here. Boiling in concentrated lye can do wonders.

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Yeah, I went back to reread thinking I’d missed the container of acetone or something. Guy’s a massive asshat, but he didn’t physically endanger anyone. I do hope the fine is painful and his name is well-publicized.

Yeah, we live in a time when a single drunken mistake can follow you forever…

I doubt it’ll be a Justine Sacco moment, the mainstream press hasn’t noticed. And he does live in a city where lots of people probably agree with his rant, so it’ll be considered just that, a drunken rant that he paid a fine for. But he deserves some temporary pariah-ness.

You mean the guy who was a guest in the corporate box owned by:

Eagle Sales of the Black Hills
1717 Marlin Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57703 | map | directions
(605) 343-2490 | (800) 529-8148 | fax: (605) 343-4078


If a “single drunken mistake” you make involves you making racist assaults against children, you should probably not get drunk, it should probably follow you forever, and everyone should know so as to not trust you with… well, ANYTHING, if you have a tendency to get drunk and attack kids.

Seriously, how far are you going to allow “simple drunken mistakes” to go? Sometimes, there should be consequences for your actions, and I think getting drunk and making a racist assault against children qualifies as an action that deserves consequences.