Racist who attacked children at hockey game will not face jail time

Well… preface: I’ve had some experience doing bone mounts in veterinary school (i.e. not a total psycho), and the lye works wonders for the soft tissues, SUPER concentrated will do bone as well, but acids work great on the mineralized structures (teeth, bone etc…), follow that up with your lye to dissolve any collagen matrix, and you’ve got goop. ← Definitely not meant to be instructions on how to dispose of a corpse!

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Seem pretty clear to me.

You can. I’ll come over and dump beer all over your car and dog and you won’t mind.

Serving alcohol to minors might actually be the most serious offense the jerk could be charged with.

You risk a dog bite and the car can wait for rain. Nothing I’d classify as a jailable issue, nothing worth the cost incurred in jailing you for something so ephemeral and negligible.

Learn to shrug things off. The alternative is drowning in miniproblems.

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