Racist who threatened Lakota children at a hockey game found not guilty

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This decision pisses me off, but it sounds like there’s some plausible deniability. They couldn’t prove that the threats were real, I guess (some he said/she said BS).

It’s a reminder of the old lesson that minorities need to try twice as hard and be twice as dilligent to be heard half as loud as a white guy saying “Oh, it wasn’t ME who said that, and oh, I didn’t MEAN to spill that!”


I have a question about something from the news article (PS, the colour scheme on that website… OMG, my eyes!):

Is it unusual to allow the accused to be represented in court by his lawyer? It’s presented here as a bad thing, but I have zero knowledge about how this sort of thing should work.


Oh, FFS, even after all the downgrading of charges, they still couldn’t even manage to convict him? I guess people of color need to wear body cameras for anyone to believe them.


I think it means without the accused being there himself. Maybe. What do I know? But thats my take away


Yeah, I presumed that’s what it meant… I was just curious if this is unusual in some way. It seems to be, based on the way it’s presented in the article, but the article’s (understandable) bias is already quite plain so I don’t know if it actually is, or not.

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Disorderly conduct is often a bullshit we don’t like it and you won’t bother fighting it charge.
The guy was an asshole if I remember the story, but there is not always and quite often is not a remedy in the legal system, especially on the criminal side for assholery.
I remember thinking he was the loudmouth and probably scary to the point of them feeling threatened but this is accepted by society sports asshat.
His actions were like rambling about bombs in the 50s and early 60s, nobody really cared when there was dynamite sold in most country farm&hardware stores.


Good old times. I wonder which ones of the common-today goods will be restricted in 50 years from now. All with people wondering how openly selling them was ever possible.


Gasoline power tools and cars, I think.

In 50 years, think of the battery tech. They’ll be flabbergasted that some of us sucked carbon monoxide just to have shorter grass.


Christ, what an asshole.

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