Judge orders mediation in case of man who threw beer at people filming his wife's transphobic rant

Originally published at: Judge orders mediation in case of man who threw beer at people filming his wife's transphobic rant | Boing Boing


I can’t post the contact information for his school district here, but it will be your first Google result for neptuneschools dot org


In Galloway?


Anyone else think that the judge’s order would have been different if the rage-a-holic was a PoC?


This is very clearly intimidation and assault.

Those are crimes.

Throw the dude in jail.


So he threw beer on people, threatened them, then claimed, falsely, that they were harassing him to top things off? And he’s still not facing consequences? Fuck that.

The Neptune school district said it has taken “swift and serious” action in the case, but says it cannot reveal what it was for legal reasons.

Well, since apparently he’s still there, their “swift” action seems to have been… to do nothing. Maybe a stern letter.

Well, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have gotten to a judge to make that kind of decision in the first place, as the cops would have charged him for the filmed assault and it wouldn’t have left to his victims to file harassment charges to get any action.


Pretty appalling. A victim of violent assault should not have to negotiate with their assailant, especially by order of a judge. :-/


Just in case you were wondering why Trumpf and his cronies spent so much time, money and energy packing the courts at all levels.


I think one thing that needs to change is the cult of secrecy surrounding punishment and discipline of public servants at all levels.

I am a retired career Fed and so I am not advocating anything that would not have affected me equally.

In the position I was in, my disciplinary record could be made public if I had to testify in court as defense attorneys could challenge my probity using that information and that was just fine with me…

Those who get paid from the public purse have a minimal right to privacy regarding issues affecting their suitability to retain or perform their position.

This stuff needs to be part of the public record and journalists need to start challenging the claim “We can’t tell you” and demand they cite relevant laws as I suspect a lot of this is being made up as they go…


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