Video: enraged Trump supporter threatens, spits at teen

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The finest, really the best and most classy supporters. Believe me.


Upset that Trump lost? Want to go to a country where that kind of thing never happens? Why not emigrate to Russia! In a country where it still pays to be a straight, white man, you can channel your anger against feminists and minorities to your heart’s content without fear of repercussions. Russia: used to be communist, but have gone the opposite direction the past 30 years. See for yourself!


Hoping this guy’s family, friends, and coworkers all see this.


Sorry, for being slow today. What’s this “touch me” yelling about? Does he want to be physically “provoked” in order to justify an attack? How does it make a difference given that he tries to run her over with his giant-ass truck?!


Spitting on someone should be considered assault. [It likely does count, but I’d imagine it’s rarely if ever prosecuted.] Since the teen has the person’s face, license plate, and car on video as well as the actual assault it should be a slam dunk for a prosecutor.

During the pandemic, one could even argue it should be considered a potential act of bioterrorism.


This isn’t that surprising. I suspect they think this behaviour is endorsed and therefore beyond reproach for such actions.

I laugh on a daily basis at the actions of Trump and his supports, but every day the pain in my chest grows bigger. A physical reaction to the ability of people to just cause harm to another.

In my 42 years I’ve never wanted to not be apart of a thing as I do now, about the human race.


Heh. People like that are universal.

June 3, 2012 - Scientologist harasses and pushes David Love in front of Montreal Scientology.


Republican threatens, spits at teen – unless you can prove he doesn’t vote down ballot.


Two people antagonizing each other. This is not helpful.


“You have no hair, Sweetie” really did him in. You can see it on his face.

The one insult I wish she’d used? “You wish a woman would touch you.”

The one insult I wish she hadn’t used? In the full video, an old woman with an Eastern bloc accent also harasses her and she tells the woman to, “Go back to your country.” She may have meant it sarcastically, but it doesn’t work well.


He’s looking for a justification to hurt her “in self-defense.”

The guy was clearly driving around looking for an excuse to work out his pain. I mean, I see pain in his eyes. And the only way he can deal with it, because he IS a pathetic, spoiled man-baby, is to hurt someone else.

I am afraid of these guys. Really afraid. And, honestly, I am sort of annoyed at the young woman for winding this guy up so much, as entertaining as it is. Sure, it would have been cool if this guy popped a blood vessel right there. But he didn’t, and he’s leaving even more primed to go hurt somebody.


If I had been a witness to this situation, I definitely would have called the police about that guy in the truck. He’s clearly looking for a fight, has poor judgment, is unstable, and is likely armed.


Under Florida’s lax “stand your ground” laws, she probably could have shot him and gotten away with it.


That’s the idea. It’s part legal mysticism, part moral justification for violence, part threat, part assertion of control, part provocation.


It is, he’s quite likely fucked once they find him.


Not sure about Florida’s laws, but when he backs up on her, that’s solid vehicular assault. In Maryland that’s a misdemeanor with a penalty of not more than 10 years imprisonment and $2500 fine. She has sufficient video documentation that it wasn’t an accident, and that he was in no way at risk of physical injury or other harm. In fact, the evidence points to it being premeditated. The spitting is also assault. His threats to knock her head off? Assault!

It being Florida? She’d probably be charged with assault for hurting his feelings.


I hope so. Every one of these types of jerks need to stood up to and pay consequences. It’s the only way to get bullies to stop their aggression. They ironically then usually turn into blubbering cowards.


They are all so, so close to losing it.

Which is why we should all be careful. I agree it’s emotionally satisfying to watch this turd ultimately back down and skulk away, but please, please keep in mind these are people who are clearly on the edge of violence.


Thanks for clarifying. Although, the logic behind it is very much foreign to me.