The Today show hosts dressed in terrible, scary Peanuts costumes

No, my point was that these are some of the better designers in the business, both in costumes and makeup. Not people who like doing things in their spare time (regretsy was better, but such things are not always long for our world). People who are paid a lot of money to do such things. Custom clown shoes alone run in the upper hundreds of dollars, for example.


And along with @knoxblox, I’m wondering how the hell the artists (first) and the hosts (second) didn’t nix the whole thing following their first glance in the mirror at the finished…uh…not product…disaster? I mean, were they going to do a show on The Thing? Oh, Linus! Sweet fucking hell, Pigpen?!?


Money. Buckets and buckets of sweet cross-promotional money. If I were to guess, I’d say the peanuts movie gave them at least twenty million to do this.

If you’re Matt Lauer, who makes millions a year to smile nicely for about three hours a day five times a week you put on the goddamned costume and finish that pool out back of your second home like a good boy. If you’re a builder or makeup artist you roll your eyes at the sketches and do your best and cash your check as soon as you can so you can pay off grad school.

If you’re the designer who thought all this up, you complain loudest that it looks nothing like what you drew and the shop screwed everything up.


And as you mention, you still laugh all the way to the bank.

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Post-nuclear-holocaust Peanuts.

“Woodstock” is particularly horrible.


But fascinating nightmarish. I think the costumes are in the Horrilent and Exible area.



All I can say is that I’m glad Peanuts was never a big deal to me.

The strips and early cartoons were great.

This new stuff does not seem a fitting reboot. It’s the Future, Charlie Brown! And it doesn’t look good on him.


great. NOW how am i supposed to sleep tonight??

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These folks need to re-read the fine print on the contract before signing with ABC.

Fuuuuuu… these are costumes appropriate for a horror movie about mutated serial killers.


But the Today Show is on NBC…

but very similar: NBC is nuclear, biological, chemical; ABC the same in German - atomar, biologisch, chemisch ; )


No, I’m in complete agreement. These guys gave them the paper bag mask equivalent of Halloween this year.

My educated guess is the cross-promotional thing was waaaay too late in approval to get something more design appropriate made in time, like giant foam heads with face holes. And the ones that seemed sort of like they were trying something along that vein, Snoopy and Woodstock, were horrible.

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You would think at that some point someone would have said “You know this isn’t just working”

Whoever that had the power to say that really must hate these guys.


I don’t remember Linus looking quite so much like Gollum.


Good association. Gollum had his ring, Linus had his blanket.

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“Actually Charlie Brown I am!” said seriously fucked up Yoda.


Why didn’t they just buy something like this?

If they just wore the right clothes, had some good props (blue blanket, toe piano), it could have been a nice tribute/promo. Hell of a lot cheaper and far less disturbing.

Could have been worse though. Picture Al Roker in this little number:


I was gonna mention the same thing. They were trying to be preemptively hip by cross-promoting something that may spurn Peanut-themed Halloween costuming next year. I think it’s a fail since all I got was the creeps when I saw these pictures. But it’s Halloween, so maybe they were going for the creep factor?