Best looking flask I've found

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I’ll keep this one, it’s beauty.


Oh sure this is classy but I put my booze in a paper bag and I’m a just a cheap drunkard you gotta problame with that let’s take this outside you wanna go you wanna go you think you’re a tough guy you’re not so tough!


I have this flask!

It is definitely a looker.

Alas, it broke the night it was gifted to me (nigh on ten years ago) when a sharp drop upon the floor of a pub in Brussels. The gasket got unseated and the window fell out; I put it back together, but it had a minute leak ever since.

The good news is all I needed was a hard rubber mallet to knock it all back into place a few years back, and it has been working swell ever since.


$31CDN for one on
$93 for the set of two… Yeesh.

Bourbon, Irish Whiskey and Rum.

Irish - OK - but why are the rest capitalized?

Over the years there have been a number of BB ads for various flasks.

Who carries flasks anymore, except as part of a period costume?

I’ve never seen anyone pull out a flask anywhere. When and where are they being used?


no idea. i find this combo both cheaper and more effective.


Last time flasks were mentioned @japhroaig called me a philistine because despite owning one, I said I was never in a situation where I needed to be out and about with whiskey on hand.

I now own two, because I got this one for Father’s Day.

I still have no need for a flask. I need a new lifestyle.


I have one! I take it out whenever i’m going anywhere where the booze is either too expensive, or too shitty. It’s good for late night drunk walks home, during winter.


I swear he just passed it to me!

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I generally find I am not alone to be carrying a flash when at public events. I don’t take it with for a trip to the market, but if I travel by ground or sea, I have it with me.


But it’s for alcohol, not water or coffee/tea? And for a short while – a few hours at most – not a fortnight in the wilderness or anything like that? It just seems like a lot of weight and volume to lug around for the occasional sip of hard alcohol.

I guess we don’t go to the same sorts of public events, or I’m really unobservant!

But there is no good space on it to engrave the titles of the feature films you’ve worked on

I have a couple of flasks- the Portside one, and a somewhat larger, traditional, curved pocket flask (maybe 8 ounces). I use them all the time.

-At music festivals, where it’s nice to have something nippy to pass around or even for good old self-inebriation.
-Burning Man, where it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself two miles from camp and being gifted a mixer without an alcohol. Or where you might want to gift a drink.
-At weddings, where a classy flask with a good scotch in it is generally well received. Think: informal toasts during the inevitable delays.
-At park BBQs where plopping a bottle of whiskey in the beer/soda cooler is a bit weird, but some select folks might appreciate a bit of decent what-have-you. Even family events that would not want an entire bottle of liquor showing up will often be fine with a flask, since the amount is so small.

In my experience, here are some flask tips:

-Flasks are meant to be shared. Bring it for yourself, and you’re a selfish alcoholic, bring it to pass around, and you’re a generous friend.
-Consider the occasion. Cheap tequila is great for an outdoor festival, expensive whiskey good for more formal occasions.
-Consider the use. If you’re bringing something to mix drinks with on the go, or to save money at a day-long event, go larger. If the intention is more ceremonial, go small and focus on quality.
-Sometimes I carry both- the larger one to spike drinks during the day, the smaller one to drink neat for “the occasion.”
-Go hard- flasks are small, so there won’t be much and it’ll be taken in small amounts. Hard liquor shines here, mixed drinks fall flat.

And before y’all freak out- I’m not a raging alcoholic. I use mine maybe once a month on average, and I’m an avid festival goer. It’s a nice way to class up a rowdy festival, and inject a bit of liveliness into a stodgy event without being too frat boy about it.


That is an excellent use for a flask. If you have snow, you can even make some pretty decent margaritias.


Yup… backpacking. Small, lightweight.


Agreed. I I think the only time I have used it is at the occasional folk music festival.

Being a modern adult is so boring sometimes.

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I have a flask or two, but I’ve never used them since I don’t drink. But I’ve always wanted to have something I could sip out of them! Sodee-pop? Nah, too small for that. Hot chocolate? Maybe not insulated well enough.

What’s something yummy I could sip out of a flask that doesn’t have to be alcoholic?

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