Stanley flask for $12


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I’ve owned two of these flasks, and in my experience the seals are shitty and leak like a sieve. Would not recommend.


I knew a DP who carried a director’s viewfinder on which was engraved the title of every movie he worked on. I also knew one who carried a similarly engraved flask.


An ordinary funnel would just be tres declasse.


You remind me of my dad’s old binoculars - which were actually a set of flasks. Really well made. Heavy as real binoculars when full. Kinda gave the game away on the way back.


Rotten luck, I’ve had two of this model for several years. It’s been quite successful at keeping vodka and computer from mingling inside a backpack.


Where do I pick up my alcoholism? Is there a discount on that at the BB store?


Sadly, there were only a few of these flask holder combos from Swift Industries & Donkelope Bikes. Maybe Donkelope is still making the cages.


Given how very satisfied I am with my BIG Stanley thermos - and how well a thermos of coffee and a flask of booze would go together, I think I’m obliged to buy one.


notably this is sensed by a metal detector wand or arch

if you’re trying to sneak hooch into someplace like that


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