Woman neatly hollows out books to store alcohol flasks


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Cool! And I love the cognitive dissonance of [quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:84716”]
a lifelong love of books
and destroying them (even for a greater cause).


The main picture is such a perfect choice of book.


Does she accept book requests?

(That is not meant as criticism – I just think it would be funny for someone to pick that book off your shelf only to find a flask inside)


I sure hope she uses mostly Ayn Rand books because her prose would drive even teetotalers to drink.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

She should start a sex toy line.


And the John Galt speech alone has enough of a page count to conceal an entire handle of booze, much less a simple flask!


I think one of the “Left Behind” books would be a good choice.

I made one in high school from one of my brother’s old English textbooks, for a squirt gun. I had fun with that, but, alas, some dork stole it. And I was hesitant, shall we say, to report it to principal.


You people don’t know how to select booze books.

Ayn Rand, Left Behind, a book on enabling…

All of these are books begging to be removed from the shelf by curious visitors who will flip through them to know if they can believe their eyes.

No. Booze books are books that no one in the world would ever care that you possess or care to look into it. Telephone books are ideal, but lack charm. On the other hand a bound hard copy of the Merck Index or Hawkings God Created the Integers does not arouse suspicion. But it really depends on who you are and what you do. For most purposes a hotel bible works, even if you’re a vocal atheist.


librarians always have the best secrets.


Here we go:

184 pages. That should be enough.

The only downside I see is that anyone carving out this book for a bottle of booze deserves neither.


Maybe if I were in @d_r’s office. If I were looking at your bookshelf, my first thought is “booksafe full of dubloons.”


Some important life lessons though. Wise distrust of authority. Smuggling. No honor among squirt gunmen.


Doesn’t AA put out a book?


Yeah I’ll buy one if I become an alcoholic.

So probably next year …


LOL! I’m not sure I absorbed those particular life lessons, but it did teach me that forbidden items can be stolen with impunity.


A couple of years ago I made flask book safes for my brothers and a friend, and then regular book safes for my college age kids (probably using them for weed stash, the little bastards). In my friend’s book, when you take out the flask, the back of the cavity has a picture of a nude Marilyn Monroe.

I bought books with interesting titles from the $1 shelf at a used book store to make them. You just have to be sure they are thick enough for the flask. I also cut the pages by hand with an exacto knife. I tried some hand saws and a jigsaw, but couldn’t get it straight. I also devised a magnetic clasp to keep the cover of the book from yawning. Overall, though, pretty easy to make. Just lots of glue and patience.


Chicago Manual of Style - nice thick hardcover that no one would even touch.


I would find your booze instantly. :laughing: I’ve been meaning to buy CMoS but I have to get rid of some other books first.


Kind of the opposite of Strunk & White: Too thin and something no one should touch.