What will you hide in your $11 book safe?


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Monopoly money.


Another book!


My faith in humanity.


You still have yours?


Gwenyth Paltrow’s head.


A $10 book safe… And inside that, my matryoshka collection.


My book of safewords.


All my nail clippings.


$11 books.


There will be room left over.


Security by obscurity is no security at all.


I kind of disagree - obscurity can help, but one has to design the security as if it wasn’t obscured.


What ill you hide

Oh that’s easy, my mini-dictionary book safe:



Fuck the establishment.


You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal…

–Hamlet, Act 2, sc.2


Dammit, you are not doing your job. You should have said, “A gun!” That’s what I have in mine.


Sadly, they are becoming too common to be useful as concealment. Burglars will now routinely just drag all the books off the shelves (takes seconds) and kick through them to find book safes.


Oh, hell no. A burglar can come into my house, steal my valuables, take my electronics, and leave a huge mess, and I will be merely extremely annoyed.

He touches my books, though, and it is on. I will hunt that burglar down and show him exactly how mighty a pen can be.


So why do I need keys if the main security feature is that the book is hidden among many?
Alos, when and why did Boing Boing change to hawking stuff instead of being cool?