Leatherbound Nicola Tesla hollow book/safe


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A cool Tesla leather bound book does not seem like a safe place to store stuff. I would rather entrust my precious things to sTORI TELLING - Tori Spelling or A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity -Bill O’Reilly…


Or use an old phonebook. These were plentiful (are still?), thick, and not having enough value to not sacrifice.

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Just found one on our doorstep last night – it is not thick enough anymore…

Can you glue a few together? A book-safe is evident to be one once taken off the shelf; a stack of books glued together is evident as well, but you also have to move them.

Where to put something that you want /everyone/ to see. Because who’s not going to crack open a Tesla book on sight?


“I have many leatherbound books, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany…”

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I used to have a practical joke fake book that gave you a little shock when you opened it. That would seem a perfect, if overly obvious, addition to a hollow Nicola Tesla book.


Better idea. Make it not a practical joke but a security device, use guts from an electric paralyzer as a payload for an extra-strong shock, with Li-polymer battery for low self-discharge and long life.

Whoever tries to open it is in for a rude surprise.


Perfect place to store your secret death ray plans.

Yeah, but it’s also the first place the UN soldiers from the black helicopters will look :-0

That’s therefore also the first place to booby-trap.


Not if the reptilians get there first…

would it be a better idea to make it a book that people wouldn’t be tempted to pull down and thumb through? something like the “New Recieved Pronounced Phontetic Dictonary - Revised - Abridged” or something? I see a sweet leather bound book about tesla’s inventions and I’m grabbing that baby first thing. Only to discover my mom’s weed or something.


As the owner of a number of pronunciation dictionaries I would totally read that.

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OK. Then how about something like Idaho state tax code law updates for CPAs from 1983.


That could work. For bonus efficiency, use such book as a replacement for a cabinet leg, or so. The additional difficulty of getting to the book, compared with its worse-than-boring content, will make it likely to be left alone. Also will explain the presence of such old, useless tome that may seem out of place in any not-hopelessly-overcluttered place.

That would work, or pretty much any technology book more than a year old.

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