How to Hide Anything, a free booklet


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Very retro, me likey.


I thought I used to have that book, but now I can’t find it.


It’s hidden inside your copy of “How To Hide Anything”, by Michael Connor.



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I saw Papillon with Steve McQueen & Dustin Hoffman - I’ve already got this covered…


I hear he’s working on a followup called, “How to Find Anything”.


Pretty sure the cops are on to keistering.

The switch to big tablet phones must have been a real pain for people in that line.


These are great if you want to hide the microfilm in case you need evidence in 10-15 years, or maybe the pirate gold. But they’re not too practical for hiding your stash. Gotta tear open the walls and rebuild them every time you want to get high?


Brings back fond memories of paging through the Loompanics Books catalogue.


This is too much like passwords. I’m gonna have to stick a postit note on the wall with an arrow to remind me where it is.


I used to have that book, but for some reason, I can’t find it.


This is me playing RUST.


I used to have a highly illustrated book on wwii machinery but was stolen
it was big news at the time but then there was no way to find the internet


I would like to hide my fear that my life was lived in vain. Can you help me, Mr. Connor?



Some of the tweakers I’ve known, that kinda shit could be classed as their hobby.


What’s up with the cover? Is it to jump out of the stereo and scare your friends? Is it a human smuggling operation? (“Why no sir, officer, I’m just transporting these stereo systems across the border, nothing to see here”).


Actually, it’s so an unauthorized roommate can hide if your nosy landlord comes over.

However, if the landlord asks to hear how your stereo sounds, the roommate had better be a really good singer…