Seventeen sneaky secret hides


That secret garage is just asking to get blocked.

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The anus has the advantage of portability. Sadly, it’s probably the first place they’ll check.

What happens when you plug the computer end of that USB cable into the wrong outlet?? :smiley:

Dammit! Now I’m craving Rudy’s, and I don’t live in Austin anymore.

  1. Top/edge of door is usually checked during police raids
  2. Chess board sucks because that’s where many chess boards store the pieces

Love the phone jack USB one though… that would likely never be found!

Submerging stuff in cans of paint was done on the Sopranos.

Definitely bears repeating. Any cool thing you find someone doing with hidden stuff on the internet … have to assume the bad guys–whowever they may be in your paradigm–will have access to the same internet you do.

I still find this stuff fun, though. Gives neat ideas if nothing else.

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Very true but the reason I like the phone jack one is that without pulling apart the phone panel you’d never know it’s there and in order to get the data from it you need a custom made, non-standard cable.

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