This self-brewing mug is reinventing coffee on-the-go


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my antennae go up when i hear i need a subscription to drink coffee.


According to reviews that I have seen, it is perfect if you like bitter lukewarm coffee.


Yeah, but the picture looks exactly like me in the middle of my morning commute!

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but the antennae part was correct?


I envy your commute.


Do we know who endorses these products, or is Boing Boing’s Store a sentient being?


If it made hot coffee, there’s so many ways for stuff to go horribly wrong. I’m not sure I would want a handheld mug that was literally boiling my coffee.


Hold it between your legs?


Watch out for those coffee pod people.


“Carry easily in a pack or in your car - it’s the size of a thermos”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “If only I had a thermos-sized device that would allow me to have hot coffee on my commute”.


Wouldn’t a self-brewing coffee mug be made of coffee?


Chair lifts are mass-transit options, aren’t they?


In my experience using most mugs is pretty straightforward.


Klein bottles mugs can be confusing


And when the coffee company that makes these plastic, landfill-filling pods goes out of business, you’ll have a sleek, modern paperweight.


lol read the reviews on Amazon, this thing is garbage.


CEO: Those Keurig guys are rich, let’s make a portable version!
CFO: The numbers look good!
CTO: It’s technically feasible!
– a month after the first batch from Shenzen is pushed through the distribution channel –
CSO: Umm, guys, we got bupkis for sales, was there any actual market analysis?


After Katrina, I was part of a crew who went down for industrial repairs. I brought with me 2 cases of self heating coffee. It was more of a latte really. You peeled foil from the bottom and pressed a rubber button to break the seal between two liquids which reacted and heated the coffee. You had about a minute to open the top before they would burst. Modern MREs have much the same feature.
In an area with no running water and difficult conditions, they became the most valuable items I’ve ever carried. I traded them for everything from gas to ribey steak.

Sadly, idiots would forget to open the top and in came the lawyers… and I know why we can’t have nice things.


Besides the device apparently having a lot of difficulties, if it was just set up so that I could put my own grounds in I would be for it.

But a subscription for coffee doesn’t make much sense to me. That’s kind of what I have going with the shop on the corner anyway.