Brew the perfect cup of joe anywhere with the all-in-one Cafflano Coffeemaker & Cup

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I think, possibly for the first time, we have a store post that actually surprised me by being a store post, and not a boing post. These seems like a coffee gadget that might have been covered otherwise.


Wow! Also unusual - it’s not from a fly-by-night, been around for 3 months or less, sketchy operation. Although I’d really like to see some unbiased reviews instead of the SEO that floats to the top of Google.


From a review on the Caffiano website: “So long as you have beans and brew-temperature water…”.
Do I detect a possible issue here?

But seriously, folks, combine a travel mug, a portable hand grinder ($20 or so) and: (a) a one-cup cone or (b) an Aeropress or © a portable french press, and you have the same elements for making coffee for around 1/3 to 2/3 the price. You still need a means to boil water. The “kettle” that Caffiano list as one of the components is just a cup you can use to pour the mysteriously-heated water.


Awesome commercial, bro.

If only!

EDIT: Updated because the two locations on Google Maps are closed.

Is it 98% off? Does it include a VPN? No sale!


Now i want a coffee brewing thing with built in VPN.


Try buying something physical that has to be shipped. Priority Mail shipping turns into two-week delivery! I bought that Fez vaporizer they were pushing a couple of weeks ago, still haven’t got it. I guess modern internet sales have spoiled me for the old ways.

[Edit: Aaaaand, it turns out that complaining and being disappointed (no, not that kind of disappointed) was just the thing-- it arrived this afternoon! Anybody else get one? Let’s compare notes!]

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Coffee is too important to be left to the internet!

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Shouldn’t it also include a mini drone w/ camera?


Did everyone know there’s no such thing as a hand-cranked kettle?

I mean, you could buy a hand crank generator…

…one of those portable battery packs you can use to jump start a car…

…and a kettle but I think the work needed to actually boil a couple of cups of water is going to be about 20 minutes of strenuous activity.

Let’s say a generous 10 minutes of breaking your wrists and killing your forearms to boil one cup of water, unless you’re drinking coffee at night you should probably get a solar kettle or some kind of miniature stove.

At least with the portable solar kettle/oven you could cook other stuff in it, no need for fire or electricity but I guess being outside is a requisite… but then we’re really narrowing down the predicament you’ll be in, stuck inside with no electricity but still with access to your travel coffee grinder mug and camping gear…

Maybe some rollers you could put a bike wheel on for the generator?

Or you could buy some of those disposable, self-heating cups…

Damn, I want a manually powered kettle now.


“You’re a coffee connoisseur. … You respect the process, from roast to grind to portafilter to pour.”

/and maybe a little grappa.

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5 minutes and 6 seconds. 11 people on bikes. 1 cup. If you’re going to be cranking it with your arms, you better have Conan’s biceps.

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American / anglosphere coffee culture fascinates me.

There was a time when the British drank tea, and that American coffee was considered to be, “just coffee” by Americans and “undrinkable” by everyone else.

Anyone who respects “the process, from the grind to the filter to the pour” is obviously not even talking about the same drink as I am. I stopped at the word “filter”. Real coffee was invented in Italy.

But the thing is, at some point, a segment of the American population has started actually caring about how coffee tastes. A connoisseur culture has obviously developed. And when people obviously care about coffee, I cannot just dismiss their coffee any more.
I’ll just have to accept that the word “coffee” now refers to three different substances all created from coffee beans. Two of those are respectable hot drinks which are a bit of an acquired taste, but can obviously be very enjoyable. Actually, two separate acquired tastes, as I’ve acquired one but not the other. The third one is undrinkable chemical waste that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

Looks like a bullshit gadget that will make an average cup of coffee, and which will be a hassle to clean, etc. I’ll pass.



It’s a bit tricky in that 90% of the time, when someone I know talks about such-and-such place having terrific coffee, they’re referring to lattes, cappuccinos, or even chocolatey desert-style drinks. Which all may be delicious, but when I want coffee in the morning, I want drip coffee or its snazzily-brewed equivalent. “Coffee” means very different things to different people.

They need to charge a battery pack first, lots of energy going into that kettle is being lost because they’re heating up the water too slowly. Should take… what? Less than a minute to boil a single cup of water?

Now, whether or not a battery pack that could do that would be practical to carry around… I also can’t be bothered to work out properly…


The credit for the invention of coffee goes to Ethiopia. “Real” coffee is of course something different. I used “real coffee” as a highly subjective term, but I’m willing to bet that whatever kind of preparing coffee you prefer, it’s not the method that was invented in Ethiopia a thousand years ago.

True. But a fight between a coffee connoisseur following coffee religion X and somebody who “just wants a regular cup of coffee” (Y-style) is one-sided. The X-coffee-connoisseur can simply conclude that the other guy doesn’t know about coffee, feel superior and move on.
Things get interesting when two connoisseurs following different coffee religions meet…


And now let’s talk about chocolate. Or corn (maize). Or even bread.