Don't eat this iPhone case!


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I like beer!


Awesome, now I can finally put my phone in exactly the state I’ve always wanted it - unable to hold it, put it in my pocket or do anything with it than have it sitting, face down, on my desk!


Don’t tell me what to do.


Reminds me of the ceramic food they put out to show what is inside the lunch boxes at the airport. I thought it was souvenirs and had to ask an amused cashier where the real food is


I think I might stick one of those adhesive…brutalist teething rings? Or stands for people who have their Stands hold their phones? [Masculine Lead Voice: You are already lost to this world, and Calvin Klein is calling. Oh pick up!] …on the uni. Even just to get the car mount magnet a thing to grab.

They’d sell it if they threw in some local election ads™ where people with pockets that looked like they might have sushi stuffed in (and savvy for appointing writers and aides) them posed, right? It is as if 2018 seam-rippers were used and suddenly silenced.


An amused cashier has shown me a tiny ceramics shop where you can make new lunch boxes if you have a few hours between flights. I want that (needing to find a ceramics workshop) to be the main source of rage at airports soon.


Sorry, the position has already been filled.


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