How to make a paper airplane that circles "endlessly"

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How to make a paper airplane that circles "endlessly"
“It took me about 35 takes”

Well, that answers that question. To get an airplane to fly endlessly, keep throwing it, in other words.


Looks similar to the swallow style airplane I used to make.



There was a toy in the late 60’s that was a ‘lunar lander’ type toy.
Basically a balloon with a little weighted ‘gondola’ type bottom.
You directed a air stream from a fan disguised as a satellite dish.
It would hover in the air stream and by cranking the dish/fan you could direct its flight


I’d say that’s almost a modern kinetic sculpture.

And I vividly remember learning how to make a plane exactly like that when I was around 12. I may even still have the book around here somewhere… (I may be back later.)

ETA - nope, sadly, that’s not one of my childhood books that stayed in my library. :disappointed:

I had that and loved it something fierce. Come to think of it, I had just about EVERY popular toy produced in the 60’s and early 70’s. May not have got them the year they were released but I eventually had 'em all.

I should have been more appreciative. :confused:

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