How to make a ⅓ scale Mac Plus from a Raspberry Pi Zero

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There have been people making scaled down versions of Macs and PCs for YEARS. Back in the early 2000s I was going to build a mini PC running OSX crammed into a scaled down Mac Pro case. I ended up building the Hackintosh but put it into a SFF case instead. Here is a screenshot from 2014. These were for gutting a mac mini and putting it into a classic mac pro case…


Here’s the BOM:

That’s a neat little project, but good luck finding a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W or even old W right now.

The chip shortage is making these really hard to find, and those that you can find are often hideously marked up or part of overpriced bundles with crap you don’t need (aka the GameStop sales model).

Obviously you also need access to a 3D printer to make the case and assembly bits as well. (Which may be a challenge for some.)


Was appreciative that they answered my most burning question right up top:

Version 1 has a Faux disk and the SD card is accessible from the right side.

Version 2 has the relocated SD card that is inserted in the front where the original Mac disk is.


Right? I was looking into getting a Pi a month ago, and basically everybody is out at this point. I don’t think it’s going to get any better for a long time, too. I was excited to get my daughter a 400 for her to start experimenting with. :frowning:

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Even smaller than the Penkesu, it’s perfect for your 1/3 size writer!

I really love this. I think Dark Castle would be the first game I play and give up on.

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“Clearly Dark Castle isn’t difficult enough already, so let’s make it even more difficult by putting it on a tiny little screen.”

Here’s someone beating it in about 1 minute. :exploding_head:


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