How to make an origami winged heart

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I gave my Dear Wife the flu, she gave it back. But we are having fun ordering crappy take out pizza and watching the entire Hobbit whomswhatsit.


Pretty sure you are getting way better service with take out than all the people dinning out tonight. Valentine’s Day is to dinning out what St. Patrick’s Day is to pub crawling - amateur night. And.a great night to stay home.


Roger That!


People interested in origami hearts should check out the late Francis Ow. He is known for his origami heart folds, and has a free PDF of over 100 of them on his his website, which is still up as a memorial. (scroll towards the bottom of the body copy for the link).

His full book on origami hearts appears to be out of print and goes for $20+ on Abebooks.

Here’s a silent video of how to make a Francis Ow winged heart.

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Came to scoff at fake, scissors-wielding origami.

No scissors. I am humbled.

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