How to: Make friends, the Alfred Newton way





Must get lonely here, J.F.
Not really. I MAKE friends.


Sending a natural philosopher a curious specimen to analyze makes perfect sense.

If you sent an Egyptologist the mummy of a wealthy middle kingdom merchant who died of some interesting disease, they'd be ecstatic. If you sent a coin collector a penny with an unusual minting error, they'd be equally tickled. If you sent a mathematician an equation that piqued their curiosity, or sent a linguist a mysterious unknown manuscript, or sent a librarian a rare copy of a book, they'd all be quite thrilled.


I guess I should be happy with the detailed letter...but was kinda hoping for a picture of said indurated deformed foot with germinated vegetation: sounds pretty interesting.


Dale Carnegie, eat your heart out.


Shakes fist! Beat me to it!


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