For a special friend


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As much as I appreciate the sentiment, this reeks way too much of those chain letters that you get in your email.


Don’t open attachments from email addresses you don’t recognize, Mark!



Yeah, because I was stupid and made mistakes. No good reason…


Are those Ferrero Rochers?


They do appear to be.

I was going to say: if you want to brighten someone’s day, why are you sending them a picture of chocolate that they can’t have?


Come to BoingBoing for all your chain mail needs.


Maybe BB’s newest product placement scheme…
Is Mark getting kickbacks in chocolate now?


Last time I saw a thing like this, my cousin’s email account had been hacked … again.


My sentiments exactly. Have hackers compromised WordPress now?


Tell us, Mark: to whom did you lost the bet?


Gather 5? I’d be struggling to find three people to send it to.


Can hav?


and not only that I want them to still be friends with me…


I don’t respond well to emotional manipulation.

On an unrelated note (heh) I don’t have that many friends. They’re mostly folks who don’t actually want anything from me apart from conversation and the occasional hot pepper jelly. If I sent this to any of my friends, I figure at least one would ask if I’m in need of medical attention.


I’m confused. What’s the clever joke here? I feel like


I don’t get it.


Oh no! Mark has been replaced by an elderly aunt!


I sent my three.