How to make garlic puree with just a knife


Sad heavy knife x broadsides and a back sweep goes to just breathe at a Whole Foods’ bakery a bit, do all-garlic fall planting, plot making a garlc stretch rayon fab (why should it just be bamboo?) for fun.


I use a similar knife method, with the addition of some course salt as already mentioned in the thread. With the salt you don’t really need the rocking knife chopping to finish it off, I just use the top-part of the knife (similar chef’s knife as in the video), bent onto the chopping board to add extra force, dragging the knife towards me with a twist of the wrist (you can use the fingers of your other hand on the dull edge of the blade for extra force/stability if required), releasing it, and repeating, gathering up the mush into one spot again with the edge of the blade when required.

When making a curry I usually puree a couple of bulbs with the same weight in ginger in a food processor, with a bit of water and some oil, then freeze what I’m not using in those plastic takeaway condiment containers to save time for later curries.

A whole bulb roasted is great as well, good base for a roast veg salsa, or to add to a soup. Always break up a bulb and throw it in as part of the veg trivet for any roast as well, essential along with the onion for any gravy.

Garlic presses are terrible, you have to drag out the half of the clove that remains stuck in the contraption and chop that manually anyway. Complete waste of time.


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Trolls gonna troll, Falcor; and you’re always going to have food to eat.

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