How to make square water

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change the shape of drops and pools of water

Isn’t a “drop” free-falling water? How to you affect its shape in the air with this technique?

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Ice cube tray, in the freezer. Square water for days.


Good point. Scientists, call me when your fancy superhydro-blah-blah fluid can create me dimpled golf ball ice cubes.


You are simply trying to earn a Pedant Pendant, aren’t you? I have to admit, though, that this is a solid effort. Well played.


20 years from now, you’ll be burned at the stake for this kind of wizardry.


What is he using, and can I get some?

That was beautiful.

At least in the parts of the country that are Ameristan

I’m painting this stuff around my house instead of sandbagging next flood season.


I imagine that rain-x would give a close approximation

Well played. I lobbed that towards the plate fully expecting someone to smash it out of the park. And you did so with Babe-like assurance.

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Drop: “A small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface”


You might make it out alive because the average witch-hunter’s tribunal in 20 years will, more or less of necessity, probably be ~30% current or recovering minecraft addicts. They will consider your square water to be oddly flat; but otherwise unremarkable.

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Welcome to how watches are actually lubricated.

Watchmakers use, for some places in the watch, a similar solution called epilame that creates this effect, and acts as a barrier to lubrication wicking away, by creating areas of extremely low surface tension that force capillary action to be subverted instead, drawing the oil only to the areas treated.

Most common areas this is done is on the ruby pallets in the escapement, the escape wheel teeth, and occasionally other parts, like automatic winding reverser pawls.

If I remember right, Epilame is essentially just steric acid



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Potential for a few decent band names there.

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