Kitten pops a water balloon in slow motion


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Link works best without the trailing “v” :wink:


Assuming the timing hasn’t been fiddled with, that is really interesting. The inertia of the water appears to force the rupturing rubber to contract around it leaving the water in place (I could express that more technically without appealing to inertia but someone else can do that.) The water then simply falls under gravity.

I would now like to do this experiment with a vertical cylinder of water held in place by membranes at top and bottom which can be very quickly ruptured, to see if the water retains the cylinder shape as it falls.

Forget the kitten - it’s just a prop to get page views.


Many years ago I built a rig for a soda commercial that was for essentially that, shot at very high speed. It called for the can to be yanked down around the water leaving the top behind. What you saw was a column of water with the can top just sitting there.


I love videos of scaring animals and making them wet in slow motion!


I realize that it represents a misuse of the term; but I find the phrase “Meniscus of retribution” strangely compelling as a caption for the piece.


If you hunt down other slow motion balloon videos, they also show the same results – the rubber of the balloon retracts extremely quickly, while the much more massive water takes a while to start moving.

Even when just filled with air, the rubber wants to contract in on itself in the direction it was stretched rather than crossing the space it had previously enclosed.


Lol, I misread the title… I thought it was: Kitten poops a water balloon in slow motion


Needs more dubstep.


The ‘ohshit’ expression change as the water cascades forth is gold.


That kitten was totally asking for it.


Nah, works better with. The .gifv extension tells Imgur to feed you an optimized WebM or MP4 video (depending on browser) instead of the original heavyweight gif. This particular gif is around 100 times bigger than the .gifv WebM.


Where’s the original video source?


Imgur will give you the original .gif if you remove the “v” at the end:


GIF != video file format


I’m not sure what you want from me, then.


Like YouTube videos.

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