PVC cement spins wildly when dropped in water

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/03/pvc-cement-spins-wildly-when-dropped-in-water.html


I vote for the ‘dry-crust’ theory:
The blob forms a shell which has a crack or hole, through which the vapor pressure of the solvent inside escapes like a jet of air from an untied-off balloon that’s been let go.

The orifice is slightly flexible and responds to differences in the internal pressure so the movement is, at times, uneven.

I’d like to try this with varying temperatures of water to see if there are varying speeds of blobs.


Wow, I happened to be listening to a Vince Guaraldi record on my phone when I hit the video link. The intro music sounded remarkably similar.

That is all.

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This was one of the rare, longer YouTube videos that I found worthwhile to keep watching. Thanks, @AndreaJames for pointing it out.

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