Cotton balls turned into a colorful garden tool handle


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Peter Brown is one of my favorite YouTube makers. He’s got a good niche on interesting lathe work and I think some of the projects are quite interesting, and he manages to be amusing without it turning into a schtick.

I thought the cotton+resin projects specifically were really interesting. It ends up looking a lot like marble/etc.


Watching the bowl video. I’m not an expert, but would he have less trouble with voids if he used a vibration table? I’ve seen them used for casting gaming mini terrain; it’s a little platform with a vibration motor attached to it and it shakes all the bubbles out of your cast.

I never see the casting-weird-shit-in-resin guys on YouTube using them. I guess your typical bowl/vase/whatever doesn’t have any fine surface features to catch and be disfigured by tiny bubbles, but it seems like it might have helped here.


Absolutely not an expert, but it seems to me that the cotton balls are going to trap bubbles, even with shaking.


He has a degasser he used recently, same reason and effect


Ah, like a vacuum chamber? That’d do it, yeah.


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