Watch a clay vase take shape from the potter's wheel's perspective

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Maybe it’s my eyes but this looks like it needs much higher resolution. Too much of it is just blurry.


Same happened to me, defaulted to 270p resolution which made it a blurry mess of video compression artefacts.

Click the fullscreen icon then the ‘HD’ button at the bottom and change it to 720p


Pretty neat. But I want to see him do it with an actual fixed potter’s wheel and spinning room.


Try it with the sound muted, and this audio:

The directional lighting made it a mess for me. I know it would have been a pain for the potter, but surround lights to keep it a little more even would have really made this smooth and awesome.

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Or a strong light from the camera.

Anyway, I’m a little queezy now.

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Why does Vimeo suck so much?

As under cover of departing Day
Slunk hunger-stricken Ramazan away,
Once more within the Potter’s house alone
I stood, surrounded by the Shapes of Clay.

Shapes of all Sorts and Sizes, great and small,
That stood along the floor and by the wall;
And some loquacious Vessels were; and some
Listen’d perhaps, but never talk’d at all.

Said one among them–“Surely not in vain
My substance of the common Earth was ta’en
And to this Figure molded, to be broke,
Or trampled back to shapeless Earth again.”

Then said a Second–“Ne’er a peevish Boy
Would break the Bowl from which he drank in joy;
And He that with his hand the Vessel made
Will surely not in after Wrath destroy.”

After a momentary silence spake
Some Vessel of a more ungainly Make;
“Oh God, Bleeeuuuurrrggghh! Hrughh,

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And also 5x4 screen ratio? Is this from eons past?

And is the product in any way hollow? His hand didn’t seem to go much below the top lip.

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Spinning at those speeds, it’s amazing that the potter doesn’t just fly apart.


Blarghghghhgahhhhhhh. (or whatever the sound of someone violently throwing up due to motion sickness is).

Cool, but ralph.

you forgot the doppler effect


Please don’t make me watch it again to fix it. Please.



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