Watch a craftsman turn wood and colored pencils into a floating cup carving


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looks fascinating, couldn’t get through the video because of the guy’s “shtick”.


Agree. Needs about 85% less shtick. A little shtick is ok, but this is waaaay over the top.


I was OK with the shtick and the project was cool. I’d never seen anything with pencils like that. But afterward, the youtube suggestions showed that it was an established thing, although not necessarily sculpted into a fluid splash shape.


Yeah, same page. I don’t mind a little humor and it’s nice to see artisans not take themselves TOO seriously, but this is some pewdiepie youtube cancer stuff.


I’m glad you featured Bobby’s work. Some people might find him goofy, but he has some pretty good raw talent with his hands and actually doesn’t do as bad as 95 percent of other YouTube personalities who are stiff in front of the camera.


Yeah, colored pencils bundled together, saturated in resin and turned on a lathe is unexceptional these days. It looks cool, was a real challenge for the first guys to do it, but in the end a very wasteful way to produce objects that aren’t particularly durable.

Artisans still do it for fun and to hone their skills, but colored pencil turning is so commonplace at this point that you have to do something pretty “arty” (like this floating cup) to get any attention.


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