Artist creates dollops of paint that are actually colored pencil illustrations

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I’ve nothing against who is I’m sure a delightful young human (here it comes),(wait for it), but; ewwww, how did she do that(?) does not meaning make.

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I’m struck by a number of things; the large scale she works in is unusual for drawing, the luscious saturation of the colours, and what seems to be a very meditative practice.

I want to squish around in the “paint” like a kindergartner with finger-paint.


The artist was featured on BoingBoing by Xeni, in March 2015, for an earlier series of drawings…

(one commenter pointed out that it is her drawings that are in the photographs)

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Now THAT’s worth 1.2 million! But of course, the art market is rigged.

you just have to do the highlight but essential shading comes with deep learning

I’m not faulting her technical skill. She has it.

However, after listening to the Tedtalk, I came out the other end much less impressed…
Having a designer wardrobe to sell on eBay when things get tough, and being able to draw while living at home without family actively trying to prevent you from doing it because it’s not a “real job” doesn’t sound like rock bottom to me, it sounds like privilege.


We would also have accepted, ‘I don’t know what art is, but that ain’t it.’

Not all art is about meaning.

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I believe it is.
If it’s made for shits and giggles, it’s not art.
It can be about shits and giggles though.
That’s no problem.
It can be about meaning nothing.
That’s no problem either.
Being about nothing though, I believe that to be a problem.

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That would be disingenuous.

I’m erring towards admiring this work more as a technical exercise than as art (whilst still admiring it!), but I’d strongly disagree that art, by definition, requires meaning.

Intent can be the art, but it isn’t required.

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Art can be about NOTHING, but it must be about something.
It’s a common mistake, but, craft does not to art aspire.
Craft is just fine on its own.


Yes, RLY.


No. Absolutely not agreed.

Very true, but irrelevant. I am not making that mistake (in this instance, anyway).

Art may have meaning (which may be ‘nothing’), but it doesn’t have to have meaning. That’s not part of a definition I’d recognise.

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I’m not buying.

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“Meaning” or any lack thereof aside; the quality of the artist’s rendering skills is nothing short of amazing.

Though I love colored pencils, they are not the most optimum medium for color coverage or for conveying a realistic illusion of depth and volume.

The rich, dense appearance of her “paint daubs” is a spectacular display of talent, especially when you consider that even the best quality color pencils cover the canvas like this:

I would be inclined to use hot pressed paper if I were to try something similar.
Large works on paper are very easily damaged though.
Or well sanded and primed wood, maybe.

She is bringing skills alright… and patience.

Beautiful artwork

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