Is this artwork, winner of a drawing prize, even a drawing at all?


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No, that is a sculpture.


judging from the related links on the Stuff site, it seems like this prize was invented purely to raise “is it art” questions…

  • Drawing a piece of paper nets $20k prize
  • A whole lot of graphite wins $20,000 Parkin Drawing Prize
  • Controversial Parkin Drawing Prize winner credits competition with elevating his career
  • ‘The Catastrophe’ wins $20,000 Parkin Drawing Prize


Well, I do know it’s not a pipe.


Nothing is anything anymore.
Nothing is anything.
Nothing is.


Yes, and as the hierarchy of art goes, beneath drawing.


Nice rock.


I don’t know if it is… it’s a photo of a sculpture, maybe.
But what if the “sculpture” only exists in the photo?
I too don’t think its a drawing though.



If you draw with a knife, on carpet, and then hang that up, will it not look like this? I assume that’s the basis of it all.

It’s obviously art, just look at all the provocation!


If it is dismantled after the photo… then it’s just a photo, I think.


Maybe it’s a performance.


Only if the carpet was set on fire while it was being viewed. Or eaten.


If there’s a blank wall behind it and you hit it with display lighting, it’s art.

If you see it stuck in a corner of an abandoned warehouse with junk laying around it, it’s not art.


This seems somewhere between “The Treachery of Images”

and “Fountain”

More of a ready-made dadaist piece.

That said it would look horrible hanging in my bathroom, unlike my previous examples, so I can’t rate it that highly.

Ratty Carpet / 10


No, once you hang it up it becomes assemblage.


If you defecate on it while all that is happening, then it’s performance art.


Come to think of it, I made what could be called "performative sculptures."
They had living people in them, but no actions.
Well… breathing, pumping and digesting, I guess.


Only if there is gravity! That’s beyond the artists control! :wink:


The magnitude of the work? I have no idea what’s going on here.