Watch this guy make a cool pot from an old fence post

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Watching woodturning is so soothing. I used to try to watch Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder on TV on weekend afternoons, but it always put me to sleep if I was at all tired. Loads of episodes that aren’t hard to find, and very instructional. I’m a hobby woodworker, and not a wood turner, but I still find it fascinating.

A word of warning, though: a lathe can be one of the most dangerous tools in a shop and proper training and caution are necessary.

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That is beautiful. Makes me want to switch from software to woodworking. I actually see a lot of software folks pick up wood working later in life. It’s a thing I think.


His self-effacing manner is so charming. I can’t imagine taking on a project like that, but the end result is lovely.

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Really soothing! Wish there was more video of the woodturning itself, loved watching that. Off to youtube I go…

They aren’t kidding when they tell you to tuck in your tie at the beginning of shop class.


I never had more than a passing interest in actually doing this stuff, but I used to watch Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s Shop on PBS religiously in the early 80s. (Could it really be that he’s still filming episodes?) I admired him so much—his knowledge of old tools and techniques, and his expertise. He could build anything, using only what they would have used way back when. Just the thought of knowing how to turn raw materials into something useful and beautiful—without electricity, without high-tech gadgets—really appealed to me.

I call mine the “wood throwing machine” that can occasionally turn wood. Bowls are fun but they tend to be the most exciting. Full face shields can be nice.


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