Beautifully-shot video of a box being made

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Wow. Big respect. This is hard work. Years ago, I had an attempt at making a pine box with grooved corners by hand. I failed miserably. It takes years of practice to get where she is at.


Good tools makes all the difference. Which is why that $99 table saw at Home Depot is not a good value.

She is obviously skilled but commits a cardinal sin by not wearing safety glasses. Not sure I would wear earbuds with a cord dangling in front like that around power tools either.

If you want to see some mad woodcrafting skills without power tools, this goofy guy is amazing:


For great Youtube woodworking videos, I highly recommend Jimmy DiResta, Frank Howarth, Jackman Works or Ishitani Furniture.


In b4 safety chiding!

Not sure why she didn’t use the countersunk head screws, but what a great video. I wish I had camera staff, this kind of thing is really hard to pull off without a helper.


I am in love. <3

You wanna marry her huh? :neutral_face:

I want to know what game she was playing at the end.

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But who wants to do woodworking with someone hanging over your shoulder?

I was fascinated with what she was going to do with the screws glues head-to-head, but was disappointed to see she just used them to determine where to drill the holes. It would have been easier to just turn the projector upside down and use tracing paper to make a template.

I just use pocket holes for boxes; not as nice as dovetails, but life’s short. If I had the time, space, and money I’d use one of these remarkable things:

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“Beamer” meaning “projector” was mentioned recently on Language Log as an example of “EU English” that would be puzzling to native speakers. Also in that category is “handy” meaning “cell phone,” which I hope catches on here in the US.

Anyway, great work!


I was intrigued, too, (“what the heck? superglue will never hold against screw torque!”) but I loved the technique in action. I am definitely using that one in the future. I’ve had bad luck with paper templates, they are a pain in the tuchus.

Yeah, I use dowels and a turret jig. Tremendously faster, and probably a bit stronger, although certainly not as pretty and probably not as resistant to warping.

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Her videos are well-made! I was introduced to her by Jimmy DiResta.

While the dovetails are lovely, a simple peg-advance jig on a table saw sled can make a quicker and stronger box (and both could be made from scrap, as mine are). You don’t even need to use dado stacks if you do blade-width fingers. For the advanced/technical, there’s also Matthias Wandel’s screw-advance jig.

since this post i am calling all the projectors “beemers”

fortunately, i got a dozen in at the end of last year to replace the old beemers.

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