Jimmy DiResta makes a wooden spoon


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Lovely spoon!

@1:20 he seems to have an acceptable stiletto sole.


I always thought you just made them out of bigger spoons…


DiResta videos are the best part of my day when I find them.

I can watch that format of “DIY” video all day long.

No talking, No music, just craftsmanship.


His wooden spoon turned out a lot better than the wooden knife I made.


I wonder if George Washington ate with a wooden spoon.


I liked his use of the laser to test depth and glue to hold the block for the template. :smirk:

I cringed when he used a band saw to shave edges on his rough cut. Isn’t that what belt sanders are for? One slip, there goes your thumb. :grimacing: :cold_sweat:

Also, crunching down with a table vise on piece of soft pine? Wouldn’t that tend to cause it to dent or split along the grain from compression? :scream: :hushed:

But it’s a nice spoon. :grinning:

Rating: 3 out of 5 :slight_smile:


It’s spoons all the way down.


Reminds me a bit of the “shadow box” way of making objects in ZBrush


Band saw safety video?


He wanted to sync it up with music but YouTube slapped him down and he is a self-professed ignoramus when it comes to copyright, so he just doesn’t bother with music.

Another victory for musicians everywhere!


TIL - I prefer it that way.

There are a few similar channels with random music stuffs, and I’ll take it or leave it. Unless it’s too annoying and then there is the mute button.


Likewise. I have seen some build videos elsewhere (like in Tested) where they use music that isn’t obnoxious, and at times even complements the build well. But for DiResta i really don’t mind the complete lack of music.


speaking of which, what is Primitive Technology up to?
more slowed down but same vibe


i’m busier than a wooden spoon at a spelling bee.


Interesting! I’d always wondered to what extent it’s possible to model a complex object solely from a three-view print.


If I showed this video to my wife, I wonder if she’ll buy me a bandsaw for Christmas?


Jesus Christ, guy! Watch those fingers!


You do not watch DiResta for safety techniques.


This is how we can have nice expensive things