Touching documentary about maker extraordinaire Jimmy DiResta

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Jimmy has his detractors, those who cry fowl

. . . or even flip him the bird. But he’s no chicken, and he won’t duck.


Yikes. Fixed.

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Because of his participation in our local Bay Area Maker Faire I met and friended Jimmy over the years.
He is the real deal.
Not afraid of making mistakes and sharing them.
First MFBA he was in Jimmy was demonstrating his mad bandsaw skills. Having worked in a scene shop on many large and very powerful tools I was in awe.
Watching him onstage taking requests on how to make is a class in itself.

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I’m always tempted to start comments like this with “not to be ‘that guy’”, but I might as well acknowledge that I’m totally that guy.


I hope they do another season of Making Fun… it was an excellent show.

Making Fun Reaction GIF

I mean…

I could not find a video of the song they did… sadly.

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