Watch Jimmy DiResta make a leather camera holder


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This morning I would happily have bet any sum of money that I would not be spending 11 minutes of my day blowing off my scary to-do list by watching all the steps of someone making a leather camera holder from scratch. Yet here I am. It was nice and relaxing, and made me imagine a parallel universe where I too make things that are useful and beautiful.


But I don’t have a leather camera.


I hope the camera survives even a tenth as long as that lovely case!


Interesting that a Diresta video pops up on boingboing today, the same day that the story about Bulleit, one of his patrons, also appears.


This is king of frustrating when you have the same camera.
I use an old walkman bag.


Astounding craftsmanship. But the audio made me wonder if he’s working for Winter’s Breath from the home office.

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