Interview with TV show host and maker Jimmy DiResta

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I can’t get the link to this comment thread from the original post to work. I had to come here the long way round just to say something stupid about his proud nipples. /sleaze


Me too, in every detail. On mobile view, all the bbs links I’ve tried lately just link to the article. And do you think the poor fellow is feeling chilly?

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I know, right? I noticed his nipples, too. I only came here to see if anyone else was commenting on them as I’m too shy to comment on them directly myself. Not disappointed! So far nipples comments 3 for 3.

DiResta vids are always mesmerizing and somewhat inspiring, when they’re not making me worried that he’s going to hack off an appendage.

Also: Nipples. (I just want to keep this thread on track.)

He must really like that pipe wrench #nipples

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