How to make squash soup [a recipe for kids]


Question: Why is a carnivorous wolf licking her chops over squash soup?

Answer: She’s imagining the taste of the plump herbivores she plans to lure into her house with it.

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Gaah my ex makes squash soup. Horrible stuff. No amount of garam masala will make it stop being squash soup.

Why in the world would you have a child simmer milk for an extended time? It boils over and burns if you don’t pay attention to it, which kids probably won’t. Better to use chicken or vegetable broth as the cooking liquid and then stir in a bit of cream at the end before serving.

It’s really not that hard to get kids to eat what’s put in front of them.

“Don’t like it, don’t want it, won’t eat it!”

‘That’s OK. We’ll just leave it on the side in case you change your mind …’

Later …

“I’m hungry!”

‘There’s food on the table …’

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This is a variation on a standard dessert pumpkin soup that I like a whole lot and works super well as an entremet or to take the place of candied yams if you want to have something that kind of does the same job but is new to the table:

20oz broth (chicken or vegetable), 1qt heavy whipping cream, 1/2 stick butter, 2-3# flesh from a ripe pumpkin, 1 dozen whole cloves, 1tbsp allspice, zest of one lemon, 1 1/2-2 cups honey (I prefer something with a less distinct taste than clover or berry varieties, you lose the pumpkin if the honey is too flavorful), two whole star anise, 1tsp kosher salt or seasalt.

Steam peeled and de-seeded pumpkin flesh until tender. Puree with a wand or in a cuisinart or even whatever you would use if you were mashing potatoes. Set aside. Bring liquids to a simmer then drop temp to just below that. Add butter, salt, zest, allspice. Put star anise and cloves into a cheesecloth spice bag and add to the rest. Cover and let go for a good hour to an hour and a half checking to make sure it’s not simmering. Uncover and remove spice bag and then begin to add in the pumpkin mash until it’s something like a vichyssoise (or however thick you want it this is just how I like it, obv). Now begin to add the honey to taste. I like mine slightly less sweet than a pumpkin pie. Serve with lightly whipped whipping cream (think sour cream on borscht), with a Teddy Graham or small tea biscuit sitting on the whipped cream.

Note: you should be able to sub vegan all the way here and canned pumpkin DOES NOT WORK.

Oh yeah forgot. If you go vegan then I suggest using thick cane syrup (I get mine sent to me from family in Georgia, but there are a variety on Amazon, no clue if any local retailers carry it). I would not use molasses/treacle (at least not for all of it, but it might be good in a small dose). Corn syrup might work, but blah and it’s not KFP then.

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