How to make vibrating alarm clock underwear



You’d need to wear a pair of large Y-fronts over them to keep all the connections intact. Also, no sleeping on your right hip, that’s where the battery’s at.

True that. Needs a bit of reengineering, perhaps a flat Li-ion cellphone battery, and more compact package without wires. Perhaps could be done as a Bluetooth-controlled device, with the alarm clock (and other playful uses?) function controlled from the smartphone.

Fun idea, though.

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I could get started, but I’d need a couple of test-subjects.


I can imagine all the lumpy uncomfortable parts might outweigh the happy morning. But I am not a woman, what do I know?


That’s why I never made a prototype like this.

I guess the ladies who don’t wear drawers are outta luck.



Yes, exactly. See, lots of places to put vibrating things! No drawers, no vibrating wake-up.

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Better set that alarm extra early or you’ll be late for work


Reminds me of this this review of the “Little Rooster” at Oh Joy Sex Toy. (NSF … wait, you’re reading about vibrating panties at work…?)


You know that this will be incredibly uncomfortable, and not sexy at all, right? Full morning bladder and all.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Who wears clothes in bed?


Good morning? More like great morning! Am I right, ladies?!


I can see this working, but getting POWER to it will be the problem.

Vibrating motors are tiny. And if you put them BELOW the balls they will wake you up if they’re like, well, right up against your balls. :smiley:

The problem is power. Expecting someone to change batteries is nearly impossible. And you can’t use inductive charger… too much risk of “great balls on fire” (okay, just kidding!)

IMHO, it’d be much easier to make the BED vibrate instead. Or heck, make the PILLOW vibrate.

Changing batteries is fairly easy. But recharging is better. You can use inductive charging easily, just take the bloody thing off. (Or take out the device itself from the “pocket” it is in, and let charging while you are at work.)

Inductive charging has the advantage that the device can be entirely potted in silicone and can even be made washing-machine (or dishwasher) friendly.

This looks like an explosive strapped to someone’s crotch. Unless role-playing sexy bomb disposal is your thing, I’d go for something less bulky.

I’ve got one of these and love it. I think that the battery on the hip would be pretty uncomfortable so I agree with Shaddack, phone battery definitely.

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