How to make a 3D printed rolling marble clock

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Non 3D printed version of this clock was my whole world in my formative years. Boy they make a racket when they all go at once. Worth staying up till midnight or staying home from school.


My family also had one of these when I was a kid. With only a couple of minor modifications, this seems to follow the plans for that exactly.

I have a vintage one of these from my uncle. I really don’t have a use for it anymore if someone wants to offer something to take it off my hands.

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I got one of those for achieving something as a kid. Man, I wanted it soooo bad. But it was one of those few things that when I got it was not a disappointment. I loved that thing.

Wonder if my uncle got it the same way. I thought it was the coolest thing too. I think I just bugged him until he gave it to me. Or it could be like me, he’s tired of it and needing to down size.

We’ve moved on since then.


Don’t bump the table this is standing on, I guess?

Pretty cool still. Am I correct in assuming you “set” the time by simply placing the correct amount of ball bearings in the correct places?

Yes. And unless this DIY version is crappier, bumping the table won’t effect it.

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So there’s no chance the ball being moved by the gear falls out of that little cup? It sure doesn’t look all that secure.

Sorry, the one I have has a little bit different mechanism that brings the ball to the top. It is more of a scoop and no, normal bumps won’t knock it out.

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