I bought a clock for a quarter and 3D printed new hands for it


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Quartz clocks could be much more accurate if they were calibrated as the main cause of inaccuracy is the small variation in from manufacture (and circuit loading). If this is done 1/2 second per month can easily be achieved.
The only other improvement is temperature conpensation which is much more tricky.


cool gadgetry. looks like it could be purchased new from India for $250 rupees (not too expensive)…called “Blacksmith Raised Numbers 3D Clock - Black”. I’ve only found out of stick links.

there’s a similar version on ebay: search for $25 - search for “Decorative Convex Novelty Modern Wall Clock with 3D Numbers Home Decor”

and another for $115, search ebay for “Idea-Label Round Wall Clock Black 3D Numbers Simple Design Home Decor LCW071-WH”



Nice job old chap, keep up the good work.


Very imaginative clock hand design.


For those without a 3d printer, there is a wide selection of clock hands available for under a dollar from clock kit stores like Klockit.


a quarter for a clock, just buy $300 in tools and spend a few hours of your time. No wonder we throw stuff away when it breaks.


You know, that thumbtack-like pin is probably the dummy second hand, right? If the surface is too visually uniform, make a mark on it and you’ll see it jump every time you hear the clock tick.


Nice color choice - and reinforcing ribs, for the new clock hands.


Slight digression, but when my cheap wall clock stopped working (not quite sure why, possibly a battery leaked into the gearing), I managed to pick up a continuous movement for it, ie the second hand sweeps around without ticking.
So to save others the time it took me to work out the correct term, if you want the second hand on your clock to whir round rather than ticking, search for a “continuous movement”.


Wow. I got a {fill-in-the-blank} and 3D-printed {fill-in-the-blank} ad infinitum/ad-nauseum.

Who on earth cares? The 3D thing is hilarious!


You can put any old thing on the wall that will tell you the time. This clock now has a story and extra meaning. I like environments where there is lots of meaning. If he fought a bear for it, that would also be acceptable.

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