3D printed, open-source "pocket watch" with tourbillon

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Neat, but why not call it a clock?


I presume its somewhat of a joke. But i’m sure the intention is that because it is open source he’s hoping improvements will be made with materials and design so that it can be miniaturized eventually. Might not be easily achieved until there’s a reliable way of 3D printing with metal or other durable materials.

I do love the fact that its open source and i like the overall look of it. I’d love a print of this [:


What about stereolithography photoresist printing, then chemical coating with chromium or other hard wear-resistant layer?

Another option is EDM or laser machining. (EDM, relatively easy. Laser, high-power low-cost ytterbium fiber lasers, I am looking at YOU!)

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That was my initial thought too :slightly_smiling:

As an interesting wall/desk clock, it’d be awesome. As a pocket watch, just no (unless you are intentionally going for maximum absurdity of course)

I think its doable right now combining different machines and tools, but 3D printing and its material science is almost there.

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Model people have photoetching for various high-precision brass sheetmetal tchotchkes for their models. Works for thinner parts only (some fraction of millimeter) but could be perhaps leveraged for the gears too.

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Because it uses a Tourbillon as complication. Tourbillons were originally designed for use in pocket watches.

Today you’ll find them in more expensive wrist watches too, but they’re more of a neat gadget to demonstrate skill and technical expertise than actually being useful.


I suggest you have a look at the Swatch Sistem51 automatic watches.

I prefer the classic manufacturers because of the “hand-made charm” but it’s all a matter of taste.

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